10 Reasons To Exercise In The Morning

Hi to all reading today, how are you? I hope you are well. I wanted to speak today about exercise, specifically about exercising in the morning, and why I think it is a great idea.


  1. Most people who exercise in the morning will all say the same thing, that when you exercise in the morning, that it is easier to get it done at that time than any other time during the day. The odds are in your favour. At the end of day, there can be other priorities or you could just run out of time.


  1. By exercising in the morning you help to jump start metabolism for the rest of the day. You will keep your metabolism elevated for hours, which in turn will help burn extra calories.


  1. Once you get your blood pumping you will feel energised and awake for the whole day. Personally I love the feeling I get from training in the mornings, I feel awake, I feel alive.


  1. Some people report that exercising early helps put them in the right mindset. So in turn, they make good decisions which helps regulate their lifestyle for the entire day.


  1. Keeping to regulation, by waking up at the same time and exercising at the same time you create healthy habits that will serve you over time.


  1. Research has shown exercise to increase your clarity of thought. This will last for 4 – 10 hours after exercise.


  1. Don’t want to be overwhelmed by other things at the end of day? Exercising in the morning will assure that you can worry about the other priorities in your life at the end of day.


  1. Maybe by going to sleep a little earlier, by watching a little less TV for example, you will have an easier time waking up to exercise and also have the time to do it.


  1. When you exercise in the morning, you take advantage of hormones, that help build muscle, when they are at higher levels, than at lower levels later in the day.


  1. Set the time and commit, it will serve you more than you can theoretically understand. You have to try it. And trying for 1 day is not trying it. Try it for 3 months. You will see, set yourself up for success by getting the day started well.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”


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