A Solution To Waste Of Time Diets

If I say diet what do you think?  How would you define diet?

Commonly referred as: that period of time where I’m starving myself or an unpleasant episode to be endured for a temporary amount of time.

Usually the ‘diet’ subject surfaces before major events like, weddings, summer and holidays. After the event, and the attempted dieing, sorry I meant dieting, you get to return to old habits, breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over, until the next time!

Once you return to eating as you normally did, the weight returns and you’re back to square one.

Let’s examine why. The diet was essentially training you to ‘eat less’, while trying to improve the nutritional side of things. Commonly people keep fluctuating between weight off and weight on. A rollercoaster of dieting and not dieting.

SOLUTION:  Eat less. Regardless of whether on a diet or not.

Eating less, or portion control, is one of the major keys to any diet, as overeating is a major problem that contributes to unhealthy weight and obesity.

So, eat less. Sound simple enough. Work out what a normal serve would be for  you and put some back. And don’t go back for seconds.

Maybe you snack too much, sitting in front of the TV of an evening. This maybe the best way to start to control your portion sizes. By reducing or removing snacking completely you will be reducing the overall amount of food you consume.

What about breakfast?  I don’t snack at breakfast! I hear you say. No, do you eat breakfast? Many people miss breakfast, only to start snacking and bingeing by mid-morning.

Now understand, many people don’t eat first thing in the morning, and have to wait until their body wakes up. This is ok, I’m the same way, my point is that have an organised meal ready to eat once your body is ready, rather than bingeing on crap and controlling the portion size too.

Examine your current eating habits and start to reduce the overall amount you consume in a day by just 10%. Allow a month to get used to the new changes. Then reduce another 10%, and continue this process, slowly but surely lowering the overall amounts until you start losing weight.

Yes this will not be easy, it is by trial and error. You will be feeling this process out.

In the long run you will lose weight, and won’t have to continue playing the weight off weight on game.

An added benefit is that you will save money, by eating less, but also you won’t be wasting money on expensive diets, programs, or fads.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”


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