An Action Plan For Weight Loss This Year – Part 5

Month 6:  June – Nutrition

June, we return to ‘nutrition’. Remember February? That’s right you removed 8 processed products from your dietary intake. You haven’t eaten any of those foods since February right? If you have, hopefully it was only on an occasion or two as a treat. Anyway this month, I want you to return to that same format of removing 2 new processed foods from your diet per week. Yes, another 8 unhealthy foods removed from your diet this month. Easy? Can you find any? I’m sure you can.

So just remove 2 processed foods each week for the 4 weeks of June. Your lifestyle is changing rapidly over this year. So far you’ve been doing cardio everyday, removed crap from your diet, using hypnosis, controlled your eating and improved your self talk. That’s amazing considering your only 6 months into this year.

30 Days of June:  60 minutes of cardio everyday, hypnosis session each day, control your food portions, aware and modifying your self talk and now removed 16 processed unhealthy foods from your diet.


Month 7:  July – Strength Training

If you’ve made it this far you should be proud, you’ve completed 6 months of life changing habitual behaviour. How are you feeling, better? Have you been taking photos of yourself each month? Please do, they aren’t for anyone else, they are for you to see how much you have improved from the outside. But the biggest changes, will be the changes from the inside. The new behaviours, the habits, the improved mindset, and these are the best improvements.

This month, I want you to start ‘strength training’. Yes, strength training. What? How? When? Who me? Yes you! Now here is the challenge. I want you to research various methods and employ just one method by end of month.

What methods are there? Well you could go to a gym and lift weights, like machine weights or dumbbells and barbells. Or follow a barbell class at the gym. Maybe you’ll do calisthenics, bodyweight exercises like push ups, sit ups and lunges. Or possibly even kettlebells. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a kettlebell is.

The point is to start to do strength work. How much? Start with 1 session per week, replacing that day’s cardio with your strength training. Progress to 2 – 3 strength training sessions per week. I would recommend at least 2 sessions per week. This may not fit your current schedule, or you may not prefer to do it. Do no less than 1 session per week though. The idea is to create a stronger you, and that takes strength training.

Your research will take time, but you have 4 weeks to start your strength training. No matter what method you follow, get medical clearance to perform strength training and get guidance to ensure you don’t injure yourself. If you have current or previous injuries that may impede your training, seek medical advice and advise anyone you’re getting guidance from so they can help you as much as possible. Be safe, and be smart about it.

The second thing I want you to do this month, is to change your hypnosis. Change it to create a stronger you. Maybe a “exercise theme” or “strength training theme”. Something to help support your move towards being a stronger you.

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31 days of July:  60 minutes of cardio everyday except strength days,  hypnosis (new) each day, control food portions, aware and modify your self talk, don’t lapse on 16 processed foods, implement strength training when ready.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.
Thanks for reading,
“Live Life!”


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