It’s All In Your Mind – Part 1

If you come to think of it keenly, the weight loss battle is mostly fought and won or lost in the mind. I am sure you have had these questions cross your thoughts: should I consume the entire buttered corn muffin or would it have been a smarter idea to have margarine, or better yet, jelly? Actually, why am I eating the muffin in the first place? Isn’t it so full of calories and saturated fats? Why am I such a pig? Why do I always find myself with absolutely no willpower?

With such negativity and self-defeating mind-talk, it’s no wonder you’re going to find yourself eating all your buttered muffin and even topping it with some slather jelly. In your mind, you convince yourself that you’re trying to quiet the negative reasoning.

If you’re having this moment, then what you actually need isn’t just a diet plan but also a way to replace all this negativity with a more adaptive, positive approach, both in your mindset and in deeds. And, like any other thing worth doing, you’ll need some bit of practice.

The first step involves your becoming aware that you’re engaging in negative self-talk whenever it happens. Then, you also need to determine what about such thoughts is faulty and how to replace all of that with a self-defense mind response or coping self-statements.

For instance, in our buttered corn muffin example above, rather than believing it when your mind mislabels you as a pig, respond by appropriately labelling yourself as human and pigs as animals. Tell your mind that being imperfect — which is humanly normal — doesn’t make you a pig but an imperfect human being!

Let’s face it: you can’t change your own diet habits unless you change your distorted negativity-leaning thoughts about food! It’s as simple as that. You have to replace that self-critical mindset with productive thinking. But just like you would expect of any ingrained routine, you’ll have to work really hard, be consistent and remain patient if you have to taste positive fruits.

Below we discuss some of the main mindset distortions you need to work on:

“Should” Declarations

These are mostly about the values of others rather than the ones we’ve chosen ourselves to adhere to. As a dieter, such assertions reflect your attempt at keeping yourself motivated yet with no conviction that that is exactly what you should be doing. Instead, why not take a personal initiative to find out what really adds value to your particular situation. For instance, tell yourself: I’m going to be eating up to two Hershey kisses per day and I’ll thoroughly enjoy them.

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You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

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16 Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Part 2

  1. Treats:

Reward yourself for the efforts you’ve achieved. Set a date a specific item/s that will be your treat. Maybe it’s a Friday night meal. That’s what I do, and then the rest of the week stick to the diet.

  1. Portions:

Portion control needs to be implemented if you’re a chronic overeater. Many people could lose weight just by cutting down the portion size of the food they were eating. It needs to be relative to your size and activity levels.

  1. Water:

Drink more water. Yep, pretty easy. Start the day with a tall glass of water or 2. Keep hydrated throughout the day. Many times people eat when really they are dehydrated. Next time you feel hungry, get a glass of water and wait 30 minutes and see how you feel then.

  1. Finishing Everything:

You don’t have to finish everything on your plate, if you feel satisfied with what you have eaten, STOP. Overeating is major problem today because we don’t control portion size and don’t stop once satisfied. Slow down and pay attention to the feeling of being full.

  1. Eat More Or Less:

Many diets now support the idea of eating multiple times, 5 – 6 times per day. This is good in theory but some times does not fit our situation. For myself I like to have 2 main meals with maybe 1 – 2 healthy snacks. This just what I found works best for me in my personal situation. Your situation will be different. Work out what best fits your situation.

  1. Keep Records:

Keep records of your diet and exercise. This will high light things you should not be doing, things you aren’t doing, and may reveal things that weren’t otherwise apparent to you. As time goes by you can use these records to evaluate your progress against the methods you are using.

  1. Fad Diets:

As it states “FAD”. Yes, here today, gone tomorrow. Why? Everyone loves something new. Something with hype behind it. Forget them. Don’t waste your time. They have principle why they work. And that is what you should pay attention to. For me it’s easy, NO PROCESSED PRODUCTS, is the guiding principle. Simple really.

  1. Habits:

A routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. (

Habits are said to run most of our behaviours, yes the good and the bad, research argues between 60 – 98%. 60% is still most of our behaviour. The focus of course would be on creating “good habits”. To form a habit requires practice of the behaviour for a minimum of 21 days consecutively. Research also indicates that a minimum of 66 days consecutive practice is required for the habit to become automatic.

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You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

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“Live Life!”

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16 Easy Ways To Lose Weight – Part 1

  1. One Step At A Time:

Don’t rush into things. People are generally to quick to rush into things because of impatience, and when something doesn’t work out for them, get disappointed and quit. STOP. This is exactly what not to do. Realise it and be conscious of it, and you won’t make the same mistake. Slow down take the process step by step and you will win the race. Start small to begin with and build the habit. When it is effortless the process will take care of itself and you can extend your efforts.

  1. Accountability Partner:

Find someone to keep you in check. A Mum or Dad figure, teacher figure. Someone you have to report to, who will check up on you. Pick someone who will be honest with you. Yeah don’t pick your best friend or your significant other who will be afraid to upset you.

  1. No Processed Foods:

Yep, that’s right nothing processed. No sugar, pasta, bread, soda, alcohol etc… etc…  If you can’t find it nature as it is or very close forget it.

  1. Cardiovascular Exercise:

Cycling, running, swimming, skipping, punching a boxing bag etc… etc… Yep, get out there at an intensity that will make you really breathe and sweat. If these aren’t happening your just kidding yourself. At least 30 minutes, 3 to 4 sessions a week.

  1. Strength Training:

Weights? Well some sought of strength training. Could be just good old fashioned calisthenics like push ups, sit ups, pull ups (modified to suit), squats etc… Hit a gym, workout at home, or down the park. Combining strength training with cardiovascular training will exponentially help. If your unsure get some guidance.

  1. Goals:

You have to know where you’re going, what you’re achieving, just like why you’re doing this. Your goals need to be specific, and have a deadline, that is, a time frame to achieve it by.

  1. Breakfast:

To many people skip a proper breakfast then by mid-morning binge on junk that is terrible for them. Set yourself up to win, by having something prepared and ready to go. Some people don’t like to eat first thing in the morning, and that is OK, so have a mid-morning light breakfast of healthy alternatives, like fruit or vegetables. Something that isn’t just empty calories and completely unhealthy.

  1. Grocery List:

Pre-plan your diet and purchase ahead of time, like once or twice a week. For some people this won’t work because of their particular situation. That’s how life is. So improvise. Plan ahead for healthier alternatives to the fast food lane or the corner store deep fried junk food.

Find Part 2 here.

You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

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“Live Life!”

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Methods Of Weightloss – Part 3


OK, back into it. Part 3: Mindset. If you missed Part 1 (Diet) click here, and/or Part 2 (Exercise) click here.

Mindset? What’s that. What do I mean? I mean what I’m thinking or more accurately what ‘you’re’ thinking.

So what are you thinking? When you read the following questions, what comes to mind?

What do you think of your current diet?

How do you have to change your diet to eat more healthy?

How do you feel?

What thoughts come to mind?

How much do you currently exercise?

What things need to change?

How do you feel about exercising?

What thoughts come to mind?

Let’s take a step back now. I’m going to ask some really hard questions. Be honest with yourself. You can’t lie to me, you won’t affect me, tomorrow will be another day in my life and tomorrow will be another day in YOUR life. You might not understand how to change things, but you know what needs to change. So be honest. Yes, it will hurt, don’t avoid it, embrace it. Be honest.

Why do you want to improve your health?

Why do you want to lose weight?

Why do you want to improve your fitness?

What health concerns do you have?

Are they critical or reaching critical proportions?

Why do you want to improve this part of your life?

If you can answer these questions easily without any profound reflection, your “BULLSH*TTING” yourself. How do I know? It’s extremely rare that people are honest with themselves. When people are honest with themselves, they don’t need to be guided down the path, have it sugar coated, or the issue put in a delicate fashion.

Realise that I said ‘HONEST’, not ‘negative’ and the significant difference between the 2 terms. You don’t need to be positive or negative about the truth. It’s the truth. Just the truth. Nothing else, truth. In the same way, once you understand where you are starting from, don’t be disappointed with yourself, that’s just where you’re starting from.

Really examine why you haven’t changed your diet and your exercise patterns previously. Most people haven’t because they don’t like to do it. Great, but why? Once that’s worked out, how can we change this? We can do this in a few different ways.

I will briefly touch on a two methods that will help you to win the battle of the mind.

Self Talk:

Firstly, controlling ‘Self Talk’, is the key. The reason for a negative state of mind is poor self talk, how you talk to yourself. Most people are very critical and negative toward themselves. Don’t believe me, try this experiment, for a week, yes a whole week, 7 days, 168 hours, you get the idea, keep a note pad and pen with you, wherever you go and write down any bad thoughts you think about yourself. Do honestly and persevere with the exercise until the end of the week.

This exercise should scare the living hell out of you. If done honestly you will be shocked, really shocked at how critical of yourself in just general situations, let alone during those situations where you consciously know how critical of yourself. As I stated above, the negative statements you feed yourself in general all add up. This is not good for your personality or your state of mind. Imagine for a second how you might feel if you were to change these statements so they are more tolerant, patient and positive. Now I’m not saying being cocky like certain professional sports people who act like they are faultless, godlike and just above everyone else. For a week, conduct the experiment, and then change your self talk to more tolerant, patient and positive statements.


Hypnosis, yes hypnosis. Isn’t that some witch doctor voodoo? No, not in my experience, but then the hypno-therapist I’ve visited looked normal. Hypnosis, has a great deal of scientific information and personal testimonials supporting it. Look into it. For me I’ve used it for some time, and I don’t have anything bad to speak of it. It can be a very fast and efficient way of changing your mindset and your self talk. There are many hypno-therapists out there you can visit or alternately many products online that you can purchase. I use both. But research both sides and see for yourself. Is this a once off and it’s set for life thing? No, most hypno-therapists state at least 4-6 sessions and for most general hypnosis audio products need a minimum of 21 consecutive days to take effect.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”

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Methods Of Weightloss – Part 2

OK. Back for Part 2. If you missed or didn’t read Part 1 (Diet) click here.



What is exercise?

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.


What is “physical fitness?”

Physical fitness is a state of health and well being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspect of sports, occupations and daily activities. Physical fitness is general achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest.



Lets simplify (KISS) this scientific mumbo-jumbo.

Exercise = MOVEMENT

Fitness = being able to perform that movement efficiently for a desired amount of time.


Wow. That’s easier. We all know what ‘exercise’ is. What all realise what being ‘fit’ means.

So why is it so hard?

Common reasons?  Boredom. People don’t like to exercise. It hurts them. And so on for another million excuses.

Excuses. Yes, excuses! But I have a legitimate injury, I hear. Ok find an alternative to do until you have recovered.


We can always find excuses and reasons to blame, but in the end your only hurting yourself.

Find something you like to do. If that is too hard. Find something you like to do while exercising.

Read a book or magazine, listen to music, look around at nature, find something.




If you’re out walking along the streets and footpaths, somewhere there may be moving vehicles, cyclists and other pedestrians, don’t read a magazine. Don’t distract yourself to the point you’re putting yourself or others in danger.


So “MOVE” sounds easy. Yes, walk, run, cycle, swim, skip rope, punch a boxing bag, aerobics and so on.


How long for: This is dependent on your physical condition.  What kind of physical condition are you in? Are you young or old? Are you thin or overweight? Are you a naturally active person or have you been sitting on the couch living the sedentary lifestyle for 20 years?


Depending where you are starting from, anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes minimum.


Really! I can do 5 minutes and get fit?  NO! Sorry to disappoint. This is where you might start from. You need to develop the ability to do it.


Start slow, start small, and build.  5 minutes every day or most days, is not that much, it is only 5 minutes. But done each day (or as many as you can) will build the habit of doing this. Maybe after a week or 2 you might extend to 7 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15. Within a month or 2, you could be up to doing 15 to 20 minutes each day.


Not bad for someone who doesn’t exercise. Maybe within 3 to 4 months up to 30 minutes per day. That’s 3 and a half hours of exercise per week. That’s an achievement.


How much better would you be for exercising 30 minutes a day or doing 3 and a half hours per week?

To be honest, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, or sports specialist.

But I think I can safely say, better than before.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”


In Part 3, I will go on to talk about mindset.

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Methods Of Weightloss – Part 1

Why is it so hard?

Why is it so complicated?

Read this article, do this, read that article, do the complete opposite. It all sucks. It’s confusing and it mostly it just wastes your time.

Why is it so hard to find good, useful advice that people can use to lose weight???

To me it’s pretty simple. DIET, EXERCISE & MINDSET.


? What! Can’t be that simple?

Or is it?



Forget the fads and the hype. DIET to me, just means what you eat day in, day out. Not some 6 – 12 week soul crushing experience that would put a professional fighter to shame. No!

As the ‘KISS’ principle states (Keep It Simple Stupid), lets keep things simple.

Simple? What do you mean by simple, I hear you say. OK I’ll try my best to explain.


No processed products. What is a processed product? Easy, ask this question: Can you find it in nature as it is or very close?  If the answer is no, then it is a processed product. Simple.

Can you find sugar on the forest floor?

Can you dig bread up out of the ground?

Can you find pasta growing on trees?

No, no and no, Why? Because their processed foods and products.

So stick to natural foods as much as possible. You don’t need to follow a specified or special diet, just start with healthy natural foods.

Is it that easy? No. Quantity matters too. If you eat too much or too little, this will affect you. If you eat too much of one thing or a few things, that will lead to problems too.

So what are you trying to say? Eat a balanced diet including: vegetables, legumes, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, milk, etc…

But I’m alergic to this or that: “Don’t eat it if your alergic to it!”

But I don’t like to eat those foods, where is the chocolate, alcohol, soda, bread, pasta, meat pies and pizza.

Well, I refer you back to the above question:  Can you find it in nature as it is or very close?


Maybe you need to reflect on your reasons for eating these foods, really reflect on  the issue.

Take some time to further reflect on why you want to lose weight.

Why do you want to lose weight?  Really why?

What health concerns do you have?

You wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t concerned for you health.

We all get lazy, we all get apathetic to life and our situation, and look forward to a binge of whatever you like.


Me, I love pizza and cola on a Friday night hanging out with friends, after a big week of work and training.

But come Saturday morning, and I’m feeling not the best, I know why and what I’ve done to myself.

I’ve poisoned myself, and my body is hating me for it. So back on the bandwagon, with fasting and fluids, to recover.

Does this make me stupid, yeah maybe, I’m no vegetarian, I’m no strict dietarian.

I know my body runs best, with good food, so for the most part I eat healthy, or as healthy as I can.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”


In Part 2, I will go on to talk about exercise.

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