An Action Plan For Weight Loss This Year – Part 7

Month 9:  September – Nutrition

September, back to nutrition. Ok, how much crap is still left in your diet? Yes, I’m back on this topic again. I’m serious how many things do you still consume that are unhealthy, or processed?

But William, we’ve done this before. I know, but your journey to health, requires change, and that change requires you to uncover all the little things that aren’t healthy. I realise that you have already removed 16 items from your diet and those 16 things should have constituted the bulk of the unhealthy products you consume.

Look again, analyse and review all your diet, from sun up to sun down. What else could do with improvement? Do you make things more tasty with dressing? Reduce it or better replace it with something better.

Are you still eating bread or wheat products? How about milk? I’ll leave you to decide what to do, but you should realise the health ramifications of these foods. Research into it. These are only suggestions.

Maybe you don’t like drinking water, because of the taste. Maybe reduce what you are drinking and start to have more water. Chilling water, makes it easier to drink, or you could filter it. You’d be surprised how much better water tastes after filtering. I know these are fluids and I said ‘food’, but realistically if you’ve followed my instructions so far, there might not be to many things to remove from your diet.

So take your time, review your diet and what you’re consuming. Do some research. It’s your health. It’s your life. Try to eliminate or change at least another 4 things, aim for 8, but if you can do 4, that’s 20 things you’ve removed from your previously unhealthy ways.

The second thing I want you to do this month, is to change your hypnosis. You decide what the theme will be. Maybe there is a specific problem you’re dealing with or been putting off. Maybe there’s something you would like to do, like a goal, but you’re too scared to do it. Well use this hypnosis to propel you forward in a direction of your choosing.

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30 days of September:  Train every day either cardio or strength, hypnosis (new) each day, control food portions, aware and modify your self talk, don’t lapse on 16 processed foods, fast 1 day per week, find 4- 8 more processed / unhealthy foods/drinks to remove.

You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.
Thanks for reading,
“Live Life!”

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An Action Plan For Weight Loss This Year – Part 1

An action plan for weight loss this year. Sounds great. What do you mean William?

Well I’ve written about numerous topics over the last month or so, we’ve just entered a new year, and who wouldn’t want this year to become a successful year for them, especially in the weight loss, healthy lifestyle category?

Ok, down to business, or this case weight loss. Yes this is going to take some work, but when does anything just happen?

I’m going to break the year down into 12 months, pretty simple right? 12 little periods to institute and perfect just one thing – a concept, an idea.

I’m going to give you an outline for 12 smaller goals, 12 little focus points, 12 new healthy habits, that will be added to each other so that by December 31 at the end of this year you will have created a new healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Easy, NO! But well worth it. This will take effort. Will you mess up? Yes. Will you have difficulty applying it? Yes. But after 12 months you will have changed your lifestyle completely.

Confident? I am, I have the easy part, I’m telling you. Yes, you have the hard part, implementing it and improvising it. This will be a journey if you accept it like no other, you will discover things about yourself, and you will adapt to suit your limits and situation.

Before you start take some photos of yourself, and measure your weight. Remember to take photos and measure your weight each month to keep track of your results.

Month 1: January – Cardio.

That’s right CARDIO. All you have to do this month is CARDIO EVERYDAY! Regardless of the conditions or whatever life throws at you. What I want you to do is 60 minutes every day. That’s all 60 minutes, 1 hour. But what happens if my neighbour’s dog changes it’s profile image on social media, and I can’t do my 60 minutes cardio, because of this emergency? Really? If there is an emergency, that’s ok, the idea is to get as close to 31 days for 31 days. But if you can’t, well you can’t. But where do your commitments lie? Make the commitment to change. If you can’t do the full hour just do less. 1 minute isn’t really working out. I would say nothing less than 15-20 minutes.

The rest I’ll leave up to you. That’s right, you choose what kind of cardio. Please don’t try to do something to crazy and end up hospitalising yourself. Work within your limits. Start slowly and pace yourself.

31 Days of January – 60 minutes Cardio.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.
Thanks for reading,
“Live Life!”


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