Little By Little

Exercising is never pleasant when you start or come back to after some time off, for whatever reason.

It hurts, your body hurts sometimes all over, guess what?  You, over did it!

The usual literature advises something to the tune of 3 times per week 30 minutes per session.

For someone who hasn’t exercised before or not in a long time, 30 minutes could be the equivalent of an ultramarathon.

Maybe a better solution would be to do just 10 minutes or maybe 5 minutes depending on the person.

5 minutes! I can almost hear people going crazy, yes maybe 5 minutes would be best for someone who hasn’t exercised before.

The crowd continues, what everyday?  No!  Just 2 times in that first week. Now everyone thinks that I am crazy.

No, I don’t think that I am crazy.  I see the bigger picture. If you do just 5 minutes of exercise, for 2 sessions in your first week, then maybe you will do 3 sessions the week after. Then maybe 4 sessions in your third week.

From my point of view, it’s all about progression. It’s all about forming a habit. It’s all about being able to recover gracefully from your first sessions, without the demoralising pain that will set in, if you over do it.

If you recover successfully in your first session (just 5-10 minutes), you will be inclined to do it again.

Mission successful if you’re asking me.

And if week 1 went well, then you’d feel that it was easy to continue into week 2 and beyond.  That’s progression, that’s forming a habit.

Will it always stay at 5 – 10 minutes per session, NO!  Will you only do 4 sessions a week, NO!

That was just an introduction, a guide to EASE you into exercising.

Your mission, is to extend these times and sessions, to a MINIMUM of 4 sessions for 30 minutes.  Notice I said ‘minimum’ not maximum.

I advocate people exercise for 45 – 60 minutes, 5 – 7 sessions per week, at a comfortable pace. And when I say that, I really mean 7 days a week for an hour.

7 days a week for an hour, is that too much? No, not when you have worked up to that level.

It’s all about progression and increasing time or intensity once your body is ready. No sooner.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”


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