Why Don’t You Have More Energy?

Such a busy time, isn’t it busy all the time?

Work, gym, sport, kids, shopping, study, other activities  etc…

We all have too much on our plates, and we do it knowing it’s probably too much.

We want to achieve everything we want, but there is no time for exhaustion or getting sick.

Fatigue is the first warning sign

Not recovering from fatigue is a sign that you are overworking, overthinking, not resting enough and/or undereating.

If you start to become aware of continued fatigue, you will have to start to analyse your lifestyle to evaluate where you may be overstretched. Maybe in all areas, the total amount of what you’re doing, maybe the cause.

You may have to consult your general practitioner, if symptoms continue or are too extreme.

To allow recuperation to occur, you will need to evaluate your nutrition, hydration, sleep and rest or relaxation.

When fatigued, you will need to ensure that each of these areas are met not barely but increased to allow the body and mind to recover.

What is your diet like? Have you been living on fast food and cola?  Binging on alcohol to many nights of the week?

If so you will have to clean this up. You need to see your body as a high performance race machine. If you put crap into your body your high performance race machine, you will get crap results. You have to treat it like a formula 1 race car. Only put in high quality, natural food products. If you want the best results, then nothing less than a top quality diet will do.

What is your state of hydration? Are you drinking enough water? Do you start the day with drinking at least 2 glasses of water? Do you drink water during the day?

What are you drinking? Not coffee, not alcohol, not cola, or some other processed product that will poison you and dehydrate you?

You need to drink water. Our bodies contain about 60% water. If you are dehydrated, and are below this level, your body won’t work optimally. It will affect your brain and other vital organs.

Sleep. Often just rounded off to: get 8 hours. Great, I’m doing that why aren’t I feeling better? Let’s analyse this for a moment.

Are you going to sleep and waking at the same time each day?  You should be, to regulate your sleep patterns so that your body’s natural cycle is kept in sync.

Are you avoiding bright screens within 2 hours of bedtime?  Blue light emitted by phones, tablets, television or computers is disruptive to your sleep patterns and your ability to sleep.

Is your room dark? Is there light sources from outside or inside the room? Remove them. Do what you need to make your room as dark as possible. Any extra light will make harder to sleep.

What is the condition of your mattress and your pillow? Yes poor quality or compressed mattresses and pillows will affect your sleeping posture and your sleep quality. So check them both out and evaluate if they need to be replaced.

Finally for sleep. The often quoted 8 hours is a good guide, but for you it may be 7 hours, or it may be 10. If it’s 10, that’s ok. Maybe your physically active and require the extra sleep. For myself I find that 9 hours sleep is right for me, due to my physical exercise and activity throughout the day. For you it will be different. I wouldn’t recommend less than 7, but then I’m no sleep doctor either. Just ensure to get enough.

Rest or relaxation. This will be different for everyone. Some people unwind by sitting and doing nothing, others will read, others will be physically active. Find how you unwind, and commit to doing this a few times throughout the week to ensure that you unwind.

Every 4 – 8 weeks, lower your total level of activity by at least 1/3 for a week to give your body a chance to unwind and recuperate. This is much the same as in sport, to increase recovery and to increase or maintain performance overall.

Focus on these 4 areas to increase and maintain your recovery and to ensure that fatigue doesn’t continue.


You owe it to yourself, to be healthy, to be fit, to live life.

Thanks for reading,


“Live Life!”


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